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Fun Fan-based Community

I don't know how much overlap there is between these fandoms, but we Reaper fans have to do something, right?  sorkinverse is a challenge-based community with word games, trivia, art, and luck based challenges. We are divided into three teams based on Aaron Sorkin's three big TV shows: The West Wing, Sports Night, and Studio 60.

I'm on teamsportsnight and we plan to kick ass and have a blast! We need members, so enter here and join us!  

ReWatch Reaper with the Rabid Fandom!

This Sunday, March 14, Season One, Episode 5 "What About Blob" Rewatch, 1 pm Pacific Time! Political intrigue and an ugly sweater!

Bring your own copy of the episode, either DVD, iTunes, or whatever. Come to the tinychat room and we'll watch and talk! http://tinychat.com/savereaper, for those who have problems with tinychat, check the DMV chat room, we'll try to be here too!

It's on Hulu at http://www.hulu.com/reaper. Note that at Hulu, the episodes are sometimes listed incorrectly, I don't know why.
Thanks to kathyk for finding this!

How Reaper would have ended, straight from the creators -- Michelle and Tara get interviewed at Clicque Clack.

Reaper Season One On Hulu!

It's the Hulu Pick, the quality is fantastic, and it's so great to see the episodes again. http://www.hulu.com/reaper

Show Hulu that we love Reaper! And, we're starting a Reaper Season One Rewatch in December, so this is perfect.
Thank you to the many entrants! Due to unforseen circumstances, the selection of winners has been delayed to next Sunday. Stay tuned!

Curious? Details here. http://community.livejournal.com/reaperdmv/60191.html

Win a Season 2 DVD Set Signed by Jenny

Keep Reaper fandom alive! Enter our Reaper Poetry contest to win a Season 2 DVD set signed by the awesome Jenny Wade! Here's what you do. On Sunday, November 1, 1 pm Pacific Time (international viewers, double-check the time. We are just going OFF Daylight Savings Time that day), we are hosting a ReWatch Chat at http://tinychat.com/savereaper. Watch your own copy of the Season Two Premiere (episode one) with us! Starting the following Sunday, we'll begin our rewatch of Season One.

In honor of this moment, we want all fans to write either a limerick or a haiku related to one of the Reaper episodes, either season. Post it as a comment on the Livejournal Comm here by Sunday, November 15. (Posts will be screened.) We will use a panel of judges to select the winner, and announce by Sunday, November 22. There will also be three consolation prizes of a Get Out Of Hell Free card, designed by evilalex and signed by Jenny Wade.

Rules, disclaimers, and pictures of prizes as per our previous contests, here: http://community.livejournal.com/reaperdmv/58950.html

There once was a fandom for Reaper
Who knew that our show was a sleeper
They call us all rabid
But we stay in the habit
'Cause our love for this show just gets deeper.

When you leave your entry, if you are not an LJ user, please leave an email address for us to contact you!

Signed by the wonderful Jenny Wade, these Get Out of Hell Free cards, designed by our fandom's own dutch_evilalex . Winners will be selected from those who enter our contest for The Sweet Science! First, a story:

Over at http://reaperdmv.com we started doing recaps of each episode for Season Two. Check them out, they're fun! I was doing Episode 3: The Sweet Science, and really sweating over it. (Fun!) I was telling weaselsnout about it, and she said, "Just say this: 'Boxer owns Sam. Andi owns Sock. Sam owns The Devil.'" Recap in 10 words! Now it's your turn.

In 125 characters or less (including spaces; we're doing this on Twitter too), write a summary of, or comment upon, The Sweet Science episode of Reaper. Post your entry here, and include a Live Journal name, or email address to contact you. You may also tweet it including @reaperdmv. Deadline Friday, October 9, 9 pm. Three winners will be selected on Saturday, October 10.

Entry rules are the same as posted elsewhere on this comm. Previous winners cannot win the same prize again. Sample of the card is posted around here, too. Enjoy!

Reaper Re-Watch: The Sweet Science

Even though The CW is no longer showing our show, we're watching anyway. Dig out your Season Two DVDs, or download the ep from iTunes, or find another way to watch Episode 3: The Sweet Science, with us today SUNDAY, 1 pm Pacific Time, and chat with us here: http://tinychat.com/savereaper

We're giving out three Get Out Of Hell cards, signed by the wonderful Jenny Wade of Nina fame. Details on the giveaway to be posted here after the viewing (so, approximately 2 pm Pacific).

If you download from iTunes, please email us your iTunes receipt -- we're collecting them for a write-in campaign to the production company and show creators, Michelle Fazekas and Tara Butters, who by the way are writing for Dollhouse now. Watch that and support them! Email to savereaper@yahoo.com

Thanks everyone for being part of this fandom!

Reaper - Winners for 9/6/09 Contest

Without further ado:

Grand Prize Winner (DVD set): 


Runner Ups (GOOHF card):


Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you to everyone who entered.  And thank you once again for all your help for the last few months.  It was a real roller-coaster, and you guys deserve a MASSIVE kudos for hanging on. 

If you didn't win, please don't fret as there will be other opportunities.  We still have prizes left, and more contests in mind.  Please keep checking back for when we announce the beginning of the next one, and keep truckin' as the awesome Reaper fans you are.  :D

Okay guys! Here's your question:

In "The Devil and Sam Oliver" what are the two flowers The Devil considers for his lapel?

To enter:

1. Post your answer to THIS entry ONLY. (Click on the "Sell Your Soul" option below)  It accepts all comments, even anonymous ones (if you don't have a LiveJournal account). Please note that if you have to leave an anonymous comment, you will also need to leave us a valid way to contact you if you win. All answers are screened, so your information will remain private.

2. Only correct answers will qualify for the drawing.  In other words, the TWO flowers (we don't need the colors).

3. Only one entry per person.

4. If you are having problems entering the contest, please contact me ASAP at reaperdmv@gmail.com

5. All entries must be posted by 11pm Pacific on Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2009. Winners will be announced Thursday, Sept. 10, 2009.
6. All other information, rules, and pictures of prizes can be found here:


Good luck!

PS - and if you would like to remind the CW how much you love Reaper and still wish it could come back, here are the addresses: