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Nick C. Addresses Reaper's Prospects, Recommends Contacting Affiliates ASAP

May 29, 2009 UPDATE:  From Nick:

REAPER Fans: Email SPIKE & SCI-FI (Or is ABC Trying To Double Dip?)

Just trust me on this, spam them today. Well not with spam, but legit “please pick up REAPER if you can,” emails. Mention your age and cable provider.

Update: Ok, from what I’m hearing the CW affiliates are interested but there has been no formal offer as yet. Why? Well it appears the guys and gals over at Alphabet Studios are trying to sell the show’s previous 2 seasons into syndication first. Why? Well it appears they are trying to pull what was pulled on USA with BONES: repeats + repeat of new show that aired only weeks earlier. The targets of that syndication deal are SPIKE & SCI-FI. Once they have that deal in place, the affiliates will get their offer.

So the good news is that fans of REAPER who don’t live in an area with an affiliate that picks it up will get the opportunity to catch it on cable shortly after the original airing. It’s not a bad business plan, and is likely what it would take to keep the show under its present budget.

SPIKE TV Show Support:



As catkopreviously reported, industry insider Nick C. addressed in his blog today Reaper's prospects for life after the CW.  This backs up Hollywood Reporter's recent article. Among the many tidbits: 

  • ABC Studios is still commited to the show.
  • Tyler's Reaper contract requires his return, regardless if the show is picked up by a network or syndication.
  • While talks are in the works for SyFy, by far and away the most likely scenario for Reaper is syndication to the CW affiliates.  ABC Studios is aiming to pair up Reaper with Legend of the Seeker, another syndicated ABC Studios production that already successfully airs on many of the affiliates.
  • If sold with Legend of the Seeker, Reaper may be looking at an October return.
  • Time is running out.  At most, Nick C. estimates a week before a final decision will be made.
The issue here is the CW affiliates.  The more CW affiliates that pick up Reaper, the more likely the show will be renewed.  We are still stressing that if you want Reaper to return, email your local affiliate and let them know.  We have received some good feedback, especially from the Regional Manager of several stations on the East Coast, Chris Wolf.  Click here to find your affiliate

In that vein, it has been pointed out that Tribune Broadcasting owns a boatload of CW affiliates.  If Tribune's stations pick up Reaper, then renewal is considered a lock.

If you live in an area covered by Tribune Broadcasting (click here to see if you are), Tribune's feedback page lists as a contact:

Gary Weitman
Media Relations, Tribune Company
435 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 6061

Whether you live in an area covered by Tribune Broadcasting or not, make sure you also contact your local affiliate.  Mentioning a potential Sunday night pair up of Reaper and Legend of the Seeker probably wouldn't hurt.  I have also been mentioning the Reaper Petition myself.

And for all fans, including international: Write ABC Studios and thank them for their support of Reaper.  International fans can contact their own affiliates as well. Overseas sales are important too, so if ABC knows they can make money internationally, that's another reason for them to want to keep the show. 

Mr. Stephen McPherson
ABC Entertainment Group
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521
Click here to email ABC Studios.

Last but not least, Nick C. recommends trying to get advertisers to write in too.  Fans are nice, but potential advertisers are better.  If you know any businesses that might be willing to purchase local airtime, ask if they would be willing to advertise during Reaper.  If they say yes, see if they will also tell that to your CW affiliate.

On a personal note, I want to thank all the people who have participated in this campaign, regardless of our success.  A beach cannot be made with only a single grain of sand.  Never underestimate your power, grasshoppers.  Thank you.

5/24:  ETA:

While all affiliates are important, Nick C. is now hearing that the TX stations are interested in Reaper. His exact twitter words: "Go after them."

If you live in TX, please contact your local affiliates. They are owned by Tribune, and are two of their largest markets.

The 33 (KDAF-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth):

KIAH TV (Houston)

All other affiliates listed here:

If you get a response, please let me know. We want you to forward it to a certain person at ABC Studios. Thanks.

5/26: ETA

The Sinclair Broadcast group owns multiple TV stations, including CW affiliates. List here:

In: Minneapolis, Baltimore, Raleigh-Durham, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Milwaukee, Birmingham-Tuscaloosa AL, and Las Vegas

The idea is the same as with the Tribune Corp. Write to your local affiliate (the links are at the Sinclair page above) AND to Sinclair Broadcasting which is Click on the link that says Contact Us from the home page.

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